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What we do?

We're an award winning company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Your entrance will never be the same again with Brandmat. Eye catching door mats will ensure the perpetuity of your brand at point of sale. Brandmat will work together with you for the success of your brand and company ,

How we do it?

We listen and tailor the best solution foryou

One of the important factors in a customer’s decision of whether to use a product is usually the brand’s visual presence. Our mats ensure your brand stands out from the rest of what the your competition has to offer.

who we are?

Brandmat is a renowned brand for floor mats in South Africa.

Brandmat is a renowned brand for floor mats in South Africa. The Company manufactures its own products like customized branded mats, printed mats, logo mats, promotional mats and various other mats for both residential and commercial use. The most famous vinyl loop mats are also manufactured by Brandmat. It involves the usage of that vinyl spaghetti material which created a lock for dirt or water. These printed mats prevent the dust from carrying over with the foot and filters dirt and water from the bottom of your legs and fall into the bottom of mat. It also sell rubber mats that are soft and doesn’t hurt while cleaning your foots on the mats.

Services Duo

Branded Mats

Brand your entrance

Brand the entrance to your company, restaurant or even shop. We have various deisgns which can be used to promote your brand at point of sale and in house.

  • Brand promotion

  • Durable

  • Corporate colours

  • Affordable

Plain Mats

Want it plain and simple

Maybe plain mats can do the trick, at Brandmat all you have to do is pick your colour to blend with your design and we will provide the right mat for you.

  • Simple

  • Affordable

  • Matched to your colours

  • Sized to fit

Berber carpets

Inspired from Africa

Bring about an elegant variety on the floor with one of these modern style berber carpets, these allow varying shades of different colours that go with your style.

  • Inexpensive

  • Hand woven

  • Mat of choice

  • Durable

Sign Mats

Safety health

Safety warnings can do the job even on the floor you, these mats work well in the work environment, factory or warehouses to provide warnings and are very informative.

  • Safety Awareness

  • Appealing

  • Affordable

  • Quality